12 more Canadian citizens, PRs leave Afghanistan on a flight organized by Qatar


A group of twelve Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on a flight organized by Qatar.

Marc Garneau, the Foreign Minister of Canada, said the Canadians left Afghanistan on Monday.

Hailing Qatar for its assistance in evacuating the Canadians from Afghanistan, Garneau said the Government of Canada will continue its efforts to bring the Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents home.

This comes as a group of 48 Canadian citizens and 4 Canadian Permanent Residents left Afghanistan earlier this month.

The Government of Qatar had facilitated the safe evacuation of the Canadians from Afghanistan.

Earlier, 72 Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on three different flights facilitated by the Government of Qatar.



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  2. Hello everyone
    Well too many people of afghan nationals who applied for Canadian resettlement program and got their visa approvals they are still in afghanistan and facing really huge financial problems and they can’t cross the borders because neighboring countries doesn’t allow us to get into their country and we are facing so many problems here, I really seek your assistance for us for our children’s, as you know winters are coming and that made us worried because we are not in stable situation we can’t afford the expenses and the security situations doesn’t let us to do anything and same time banks doesn’t allow us to take enough money for our daily expenses we can only take less money which is not enough for our travel to neighboring countries, and same many of the people who got their approval came from across the Afghanistan they even sold their houses and everything in the hope of leaving afghanistan

  3. And the end I want to say please help us to get out of here at least because of our kids, please add us in your evacuation list to get us to Qatar at least.
    Thanks for your assistance

  4. my name is misrya and I live in Afghanistan and I want to help me becuse my life is in danger and becuse in the talban don’t want the girls contenou to lessons

  5. Sameria shehzad hello l Am from Afghanstan we are in alto of danger please help me me husband word switch foreigners while he is under threat we are in a hidden place please help us

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    Looking forward to your understanding and cooperation.
    Kind regards
    Mohammad Naim Tawana


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