127 coaches complete the requirements of Advance Coach Education: Canada Soccer


According to a statement released by Canada Soccer, the coaches completed the requirements of the Advanced Coach Education Program B, Children’s, and Youth Licence courses for the third quarter of 2021. (Photo – Canada Soccer)

The statement further added that twenty-one coaches received their Canada Soccer B Licence, twenty-two received the Canada Soccer Children’s Licence and eighty-five coaches received their Canada Soccer Youth Licence – the largest cohort since the Youth Licence launched in 2019.

The Canada Soccer B Licence is the entry point to the Performance Stream and continues the facilitation of learning opportunities so that coaches may work effectively with senior players in the Performance Stream pathway and prepares them to progress to the Canada Soccer A Licence, according to Canada Soccer.

The Canada Soccer Children’s Licence is an A Licence equivalent for coaches working with children between the ages of 5-12, the Canada Soccer said, adding that the Licence aims to provide coaches with the tools they need to create the best development environments for as many players as possible at their club/academy.

The Canada Soccer Youth Licence provides coaches with theoretical and practical components focusing on holistic, effective coaching of youth players between the ages of 13-18 including designing, delivering and reflecting on all aspects of on and off field activities.

The Canada Soccer Advanced Coach Education Program Licences are valid for a three-year term.



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