19 Canadian citizens and one PR evacuated from Afghanistan


A group of 19 Canadian citizens and one Canadian Permanent Resident were evacuated from Afghanistan on Sunday, the Canadian Foreign Minister said.

“Today, 19 Canadian citizens & 1 permanent resident were on board a flight organized by Qatar, which departed from Kabul, Afghanistan, for Doha. They will be arriving in Canada within days,” Marc Garneau said in a Twitter post.

Garneau further added “We thank Qatar for its crucial assistance in our evacuation efforts.”

The evacuation of Canadians from Afghanistan kicked off earlier this month and so far over 70 Canadian citizens and permanent residents have been evacuated from the country.

A group of 43 Canadian citizens were on board a special flight organized by the Government of Qatar, which departed from Kabul, Afghanistan, for Doha, on 9th September.

Another flight, organized by Qatar, departed from Kabul a day later, carrying dozens of foreign nationals, including ten Canadian citizens.



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