2 people charged following arrests at Islamic Institute of Toronto


The Toronto Police announced Wednesday that two people were charged after they were arrested in Islamic Institute of Toronto.

According to a statement released by Toronto Police, a man and a woman, who tried to enter the Islamic Institute of Toronto, were arrested on Tuesday.

The statement further added that a staff member of the institute confronted the couple who were under the influence of illicit drugs.

However, the Toronto Police said the man held up an object and threatened to ‘blow up’ the building. The object was later discovered to be a set of keys.

The woman pointed her fingers to make a gun shape and threatened to shoot the victim, the Toronto Police said, adding that victim fled and called police who arrived on scene in minutes and immediately arrested the couple.

According to Toronto Police, the couple, Nickodemo Bruzzese, 24, of Toronto, and Samantha Stone, 22, of no fixed address, have been charged with Break and Enter, Threaten Death, and Mischief to Property – Endanger Life.

The Toronto Police also added that there is no evidence to suggest this is hate motivated but the Service recognizes that this incident has understandably caused concern in communities. “We want to assure everyone we have engaged our Hate Crime Unit out of an abundance of caution and we will continue to support members of the Institute and the wider community.”



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