22 US Senators ask for assessment of Pakistan’s support to Taliban, including its role Panjshir offensive


Twenty two US Senators have recently introduced a bill asking the State Department to assess the support of Pakistan to Taliban, including the country’s role in Taliban offensive in Panjshir province.

Senator Jim Risch, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and other Republicans introduced the legislation ‘Afghanistan Counterterrorism, Oversight, and Accountability Act’ in the Senate on Monday.

The proposed legislation requires the Secretary of State to submit a report on who supported the Taliban in the last 20 years, who assisted Taliban in capturing Kabul in mid-August, and who supported the Taliban in their offensive in Panjshir Valley.

The State Secretary has 180 days to work in consultation with the secretary of defence and the director of national intelligence and submits a report to the appropriate congressional committees.

Meanwhile, reports emerging from Pakistan suggest that the country’s stocks fell nearly 3 per cent on Wednesday following the move by the US Senators and the Pakistani currency reached a historic low of 170.27 against the dollar.

The US Senators are seeking an assessment of Pakistan’s alleged support to Taliban nearly a month after thousands of Afghans took to the streets in capital Kabul and other key cities, accusing the Pakistani military for providing air support to Taliban during their offensive in Panjshir.

Reports regarding the airstrikes by unidentified planes emerged shortly after Pakistan’s spy chief Gen. Faiz Hameed arrived in Kabul, becoming the first top foreign official to visit the country after the fall of Kabul.

However, other reports indicated that the top Pakistani general visited the country to help resolve the differences among the top Taliban leaders over the formation of the new government.



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