24 Canadian citizens and PRs leave Afghanistan on a flight organized by Qatar


A group of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on a flight organized by Qatar.

“20 Canadian citizens and 4 permanent residents left Afghanistan yesterday, via a flight organized by the Government of Qatar,” Foreign Minster Marc Garneau said.

Garneau further added “Our Qatari allies have our sincere gratitude for their continued and critical assistance in bringing Canadians home.”

This one’s as a group of twelve Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on a similarnflight organized by Qatar in Sunday.

Another group of 48 Canadian citizens and 4 Canadian Permanent Residents left Afghanistan earlier this month.



  1. To whom it may concern!
    Hello,this is Shakila Omari who worked as a journalist in different provinces of Afghanistan.It is sad new but let me to say that after collapse of Afghan government women and girls have lost their rights,specially someone in journalism field. I and my family are under high threats,therefore I am applying for Immigration Visa.
    Hope you help me,

    SUBJECT: Memorandum for Canadian Immigration Visa

    This is Shakilla Omari who worked as a general manager of reporting in National Examination Authority and free correspondent in different provinces of Afghanistan specially Kabul, Takhar, Qundos and Parwan provinces.

    First, it is worth mentioning when I was working as a manager and journalist , not just me but also my family was under threat. During reporting in areas I have faced many times problems and threats because of my Job and my activities ,even I have lost my elder sister, so we are not safe here in after in Afghanistan.

    Second, it is obvious that culture in Afghanistan is not understandable ,because of that people don’t know the values of humanity and women. Most of them have negative thought about working girls and women outside specially to be journalist. This is the second reason that makes me disparate and hopeless.

    It is clear as sun shine that Afghan government has collapsed recently and Taliban came to power. Everyone in the world knows the intense Islamic ideology of Taliban against girls and women.

    In result it is mandatory to say that for me and my family Afghanistan is not an option for living, for that I am applying For Canadian immigration visa to save myself and my family.


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