$3.3b included for Afghan forces in FY2022 budget request to US Congress


President Joe Biden on Friday reaffirmed Washington’s continued support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

In a telephone conversation with the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Biden said the FY2022 request to Congress for $3.3 billion for the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund prioritizes $1 billion to ensure the Afghan Air Force and Special Mission Wing have the capabilities and maintenance to support ongoing combat operations, including by delivering additional aircraft, such as the three newly-refurbished UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters delivered to Kabul on July 16.

Biden also added that the request also prioritizes $1 billion to purchase and deliver key supplies for Afghan forces such as fuel, ammunition, and spare parts and $700 million to fund continued payment of salaries for Afghan soldiers.

According to a statement released by White House, the two leaders deplored the loss of innocent Afghan lives, including through continued targeted killings, as well as displacement of the civilian population, looting and burning of buildings, destruction of vital infrastructure, and damage to communication networks.

The statement further added that the United States recently announced more than $266 million in additional humanitarian assistance and released $300 million in development and other non-humanitarian assistance to help the Afghan people.

The President has also requested an additional $364 million in development and other non-humanitarian assistance for the State Department and USAID for FY2022, the White House said. 



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