3 arrested, 8 more wanted in connection with encampment protests in Toronto


The Toronto Police on Thursday announced that they have arrested three people in connection with the encampment protests which took place on 21st of July.

The police also released the images of 8 other individuals who are wanted for alleged criminal offences including assault and obstruction.

“On July 21, 2021, the Toronto Police Service supported the City of Toronto as staff attempted to work with those living in an encampment at Lamport Stadium to move to alternative accommodation,” the Toronto Police said in a statement.

The statement further added that crowds of protesters gathered at the closed park to interfere with the City’s efforts and to confront police. Repeated efforts were made to engage with people and inform them that a Trespass to Property notice had been previously served by the city and they were required to leave.

These efforts were largely ignored and the crowds became confrontational and hostile, the Toronto Police said, adding that as a last resort, officers carried out enforcement after multiple people threw objects at officers and assaulted them.

Following the protests at the park, a large crowd then gathered outside 14 Division, with the crowd becoming hostile and multiple people throwing objects including soup cans, at officers, while several people assaulted officers and purposely obstructed them.

Furthermore, the Toronto Police, today, Thursday, September 16, 2021, officers identified and arrested three people, Skyler Lee Williams, 38, of Brantford, who will be charged with Failure to Comply with Recognizance

A man and a woman were also both arrested for Assault With a Weapon and Weapons Dangerous. They will be charged later today, the Toronto Police said, adding that anyone pictured is encouraged to turn themselves in to their nearest police station. If anyone recognizes any of the people pictured, they are urged to contact police.



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