48 Canadian citizens and PRs leave Afghanistan on 2 flights organized by Qatar


Two groups of Canadian citizens and Permanent Resident leftbAfghanustan on two separate flights organized by Qatar.

Melanie Jolie, the Foreign Minister of Canada, said the Canadian citizens and Permamnent Residents left the country this week.

“39 Canadian citizens and 9 permanent residents left Afghanistan this week on two flights from Kabul to Doha organized by Qatar. We thank the Qatari government for their continued assistance as we continue working to bring Canadians home,” she said in a statement posted online.

A group of 20 Canadian citizens and 4 Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on a flight organized by Qatar, last week.

Earlier, a group of 12 Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on a similar flight.



  1. Hello, I want to apply for asylum in Canada to save my life and that of my family. We are a religious minority, which means you can cooperate with us. Thank you for your cooperatio

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    With Due respect hope this email finds you well:

    My name is Mohammad Satar Samimi Son of Mirza Mohammad , I was born on 03-07-1986 in Logar Province of Afghanistan and currently living in Shahrak Telahi ,8 District Kabul Province of Afghanistan. I was employed by RA International Canada Government Contractor, I undersigned I am an Afghanistan National that is employed by RA International Canada Government Contractor in the capacity of a Supervisor in different Location such as in Canada Embassy and Camp Julian and HQ ISAF and HKIA as a result of my employment there with RA International Canada Government Contractor 06-Jan-2005 up to 10-July-2010 I have passed Several Biometric in Different Locations. I Perform Different Tasks in the Canada Embassy that I was hired by RA International .So as result of my Employed by Canada Government that I perform faithful and valuable services to the Canadian Embassy and Canada Government now I have faced serious dangers and threats several times.as result of my Employment With Canada Government .

    Me and my family have faced grave danger in the community and the area we are living in. Our neighbors and many people from my area are affiliated with the anti-Government , and know my duty with the Canadian Government. The Local people who know me and my family members have endured hardships, threats, and intimidation.

    I have to be extremely careful to Protect my identity for fear of retribution by enemy and criminal elements that are seeking to cause harm to me and my family because of my service and support of them Canada Government in Canada Embassy and HKIA

    The life and property of myself, my family members, my friends, and my acquaintances has been threatened and continues to be threatened by enemy forces and or criminal elements. Under the penalty of perjury under the laws.

    I declare several Threats as follows and mentioned Below with More details:

    01: On 8 Nov 2008 at or about 06:00 during the night, an unknown 2 person shouted in the Pashto Language “God is great, the American Collaborators Canada will now die” and immediately they attacked at me and I injured my arm and one of my leg injured and on my Chest I was under therapy about 1 months in Emergency Hospital I have attached photos that I was in Hospital

    02: furthermore my house was attacked by approximately 10 to 15 People with small arms, hand grenades, and improvised fire bombs. Me and my family members returned fire and after about 15 minutes repelled the attack. After this day I changed my House Locations and even I travel to other Provinces.

    3. On 26 June2015 at or about 05:30 in the morning, while I was riding my car to work, as I drove through the two men jumped out from behind a large rock and began shooting at me with AK-47’s. I accelerated my car and escaped without being hit by their small arms fire.

    In addition now all part of Afghanistan occupy by Taliban and I suffering several emotional distress at the thought of almost being killed or greatly injured I have since been informed through rumors that are being told in my village that the Taliban was the group responsible for my ambush and that it was only good luck that I was not killed that day. As a result of being specifically identified and targeted for assassination, I have changed my routes and times for traveling to and from work so as to minimize my exposure to hostile actions.

    So, I believe that my life is and will continue to be in danger as long as I remain in Afghanistan. To protect me and my family,

  3. Hello l am from Afghanstan we are in a lot of danger please help me my husband worked with foreigners while he is under threat we are in a hidden place please help us

  4. Hi,
    My name is Namatullah Hamid Akbari father of to girl which they got engaged with thier cousins on March 2020 which are permanent resident of Canada.
    You know better the situation in Afghanistan right now that they can’t come to Afghanistan for wedding Party to get thier married certificate that could start sponsorship process.
    Therefore, waiting to your prompt reply on this matter/case on how they could travel to Canada.

  5. Hello, Me and my family are stuck in Afghanistan, our original documents (Passports,PRs, citizenship) have been burned due to the fighting in Kandahar now I have the copies of my documents in hand. Please help me leave Afghanistan in these flights. I will try to process and get my original documents once arrived at CANADA.

  6. Hello sir
    Dear sir my name is M .Mustafa father’s name Mohammad baqir .my life is in many danger in Afghanistan please help us.


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