52 Canadian citizens and PRs leave Afghanistan


A group of 48 Canadian citizens and 4 Canadian Permanent Residents left Afghanistan on Wednesday. 

Canada’s foreign minister, Marc Garneau, said the latest group of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents were evacuated with the support of Qatar. 

Garneau further added that the Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents left Afghamistan on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. 

“I am very pleased that on October 6, 48 Canadian citizens and 4 permanent residents left #Afghanistan. I thank the Government of #Qatar for its support,” Garneau tweeted.

Furthermore, Garneau said he remains committed to bringing Canadians home.



  1. I am Mohammad Aslam Khogyanai .Me and my family life is in the danger who are 9 person . plaese help us to deal with whese people who will arrive to canade let us be too .

  2. Hi iam Jamshid panjshire iam from Afghanistan i live in panjshir province and we are a family of seven here is our life is in danger the Taliban are threatening us we are hiding and we need your help to get out of Afghanistan


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