700 Afghan refugees have left US military bases prematurely: report


The U.S. officials have expressed concerns regarding the growing number of Afghan refugees who are leaving the U.S. military bases prematurely, it has been reported.

Sources privy of the development have told Reuters that up to 700 Afghan refugees have left the military bases prematurely, without receiving proper resettlement services.

An official of the Department of Home Security, speaking on the condition of anonymity, has told Reuters that early departures by Afghan refugees could potentially cost the other Afghans important benefits, such expedited work permits.

A U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service official has also warned that such actions could also ‘lead to years ad years of terrible immigration status problems’.

The United States evacuated over 120,000 Afghans during the evacuation mission which ended with the completion of U.S. military withdrawal on 30th August.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to evacuate thousands more Afghans who assisted the U.S. military and government in the last 20 years.

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed the funding bill which included $6.3 billion in funding for Afghan refugee resettlement program.



  1. سلام اسم من محمد امیر است از افغانستان هستم زنده گی میکنم در ولایت بدخشان مرکز فیض آباد میخواهم که بنده را به عنوان مهاجر قبول بفرماید چون در این شهر نه کار است و نه کدام عاید هر روز یک مشکل صد راه ما قرار میگیرد نمی شود به این وضعیت زندگی را پیش برد از شما خواهش مند هستم تا بنده کمک و همکاری نماید ممنون.

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  3. I am Said Baesullah Sadat S/o Sayed Karimullah Sadat, was working in Deputy Directorate Intelligence, Directorate General of External Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence for the period of four years. I was working as in-charge for collecting of intelligence data from Military Attaches abroad.

    Then, I have been transferred to DSS Department of the Ministry of Defence. I was in-charge for verification of security clearance of personnel of the Ministry of Defence. During my tenure, I have identified many spies who were working for governments of Pakistan and Iran and referred them to Directorate General of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Defence.

    Currently, I feel insecure in Kabul, Afghanistan, and I don’t know to where I should go. If I travel to Pakistan or Iran, they might arrest me. And if I stay in Afghanistan, the Taliban probably kill me.

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