Afghan Airline evacuated its 155 employees, families in a flight funded by Facebook, LinkedIn


An Afghan Airline evacuated 155 of its employees and their families in an airlift funded by Social Media Giants, it has been reported.

The evacuation flight, funded by tech giants, LinkedIn and Facebook, was originally meant for the evacuation of 188 journalists and aid workers.

U.S. officials and organizers of the flight, privy with the development, have told Bloomberg News that the airline — Kam Air — stuffed the half-empty plane with at least 155 additional passengers — its employees, their families and more.

“The 155, not on the FB manifest, were placed on the FB airplane by KAM airlines. FB (and everyone else) learned about these individuals when they landed in Abu Dhabi,” according to a State Department email obtained by Bloomberg News.

The 188 passengers, originally meant for the flight, have arrived in Mexico after they were transferred an EgyptAir flight.

However, the remaining 155 people, who boarded the plane at the last minutes, still remain in United Arab Emirates and are being vetted.

The airlift took place on August 30, the day the American military formally ended its military presence in Afghanistan, concluding days of evacuation flights in which more than 100,000 Afghans and foreigners were airlifted.



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