Afghan journalist turns laborer to make ends meet amid deteriorating situation


An Afghan journalist has turned laborer to make ends meet after Afghanistan descended into financial chaos following the regime change, leaving millions of people jobless.

Zabiullah Wafa, a resident of Northwestern Ghor province, used to prepare reports for the local media outlets in Afghanistan for the past seven years.

Speaking to Khaama Press, Wafa said he had no option but turn to labor works in a bid to make ends meet for his family of 10.

Wafa has been producing mud bricks together with his father after he was left jobless following the takeover of the country by Taliban militants.

Describing the ordeals the reporters and journalists face in Afghanistan, Wafa urged the international community to support the media activists.

According to Wafa, at least seven local journalists have abandoned their houses in Ghor and migrated to Iran since the Taliban takeover.

Wafa further added that dozens of other reporters have turned to labor works in Ghor province.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) had earlier announced at least 153 media outlets have halted operations since the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban.

According to IFJ, the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban has affected at least 7,000 journalists in capital Kabul only.



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