Afghan passports are sold at high price by the brokers in Kabul


Thousands of Afghan citizens are paying enormous amounts of money to obtain passports for fleeing the country being ruled by the notorious regime of Taliban, local sources told The Canada Now.

There are dozens of unregistered brokers connected to the passport department officials who help in facilitating passport issuance in a black-market deal arrangement, a Kabul citizen who does not want to be named in the report said.

According to the source, it is not easy for individual visitors to get a passport in Afghanistan, and the brokers demand $600 to $1,000 per passport promising to provide it in 7 to 10 working days.

Several thousand visitors gather at the gate of the passport department on a daily basis, but almost they all return back disappointed, Abdul, a local resident of Kabul who has been waiting for almost 90 days to get passports for him and his family members said.

“I am intending to go to Tajikistan with 6 other family members, but we were unable to obtain passports in the last 3 months”, said Abdul.

We are a low-income family and cannot afford to pay such an enormous amount of money, we will wait longer to see if the government can manage to fix the system in a way so everyone can have equal access to public services, he added.

This comes as the Afghanistan government collapsed on August 15, as the former president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fled the country hiddenly.

Experts believe the flee of Ghani was coordinated with the Haqqani Network in advance and he has preferred to hand over the government to this group as they come from the same tribal group as Ghani.

Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US special envoy to the Afghan president has said in his remarks that the former president was one of the causes of the government collapse that shocked all other partners.

Khalilzad was praised by the US government for his contribution to the Afghanistan peace process which eventually failed and the Taliban took over the country in 11 days of fighting.



  1. I have some friends in Kabul who told me about the passports and electronic ID cards prices in the black market. Unfortunately, the Taliban leadership and government is engaged in this so called robbery. They are thieves and they loot the public members. The world must not recognize them, they and their regional supporters including Iran, Pakistan and Russia must be sanctioned.

  2. روند که برملت مظلوم افغانستان هیج پایان ندارد چون تمام سران این خطه لعنی چنان فروخته شده که حتی اختیار ناموس خودرا ندارد

  3. To the international Organization’s and UNHCR Office ! With due Respect! Dear Sir / Madam, Mr. Abdul Latif Qayum who is one of the active member of civil rights& investigation organization of Afghanista OA), holder of ID Card number: 12101076, who is a well- known figure in the civil struggie against terrorism and extremism in Baghlan province, in the current situation Afghanistan cannot survive. It is worthy that he was wounded once by extremist terrorists. Hereby we requests from all international organizations to assist him and hope to provide them human being assistance, to be save him. Thanks for your cooperation in this regards. With Regards, Doctor Mohammad Nadir Shah Ahmadzy The president of COA Joz T03


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