Afghan sniper shot dead by Taliban after being abandoned by British Special Forces


An Afghan sniper was shot dead by Taliban militants after being abandoned by British allies following the fall of Kabul city last month.

The 29-year-old Afghan sniper, Noor, was a member of CF333, a unit trained by the British Special Forces.

Noor’s brother, Shakar Chi, 36, who also worked alongside the British Special Forces, was airlifted to UK on 27th August, and was promised that his brother (Noor) would be airlifted within 24 hours.

However, the British forces denied him and his family board the last evacuation flight and was told they do not have any capacity as many people with British passport on board, according to Mail Online and The Times.

The Taliban militants traced Noor in his sister’s house in the outskirts of Kabul 15 days later and was shot three times in the presence of his wife and children.

The execution of Noor by Taliban militants sparked an outrage among the members of the British military.

“For those leaders still unsure, this is not a game. ‘N’ was a executed by the Taliban in cold blood just a few hours ago. His crime? Years of loyal & professional service, mentored by British units. There is no ‘amnesty’. Abandoned by us, this murder will not be the last,” Colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper, OBE, a commander of specialist operations with the SAS, tweeted.

This comes as the Taliban group had earlier announced a national amnesty, promising that those who had served with the foreign forces and the former government of Afghanistan, would not be persecuted.



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