Alberta launches Open for Summer Vaccine Lottery with three $1m prizes


Alberta on Saturday launched the Open for Summer Vaccine Lottery with three $1 million prizes in a bid to encourage the eligible Albertans to book their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. (Photo – Alberta Health Services)

Thanking the 68% of Albertans who got their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Premier Jason Kenney, said “Thanks to you, we crushed the Spring spike of COVID and we are starting to get our lives back to normal.”

However, he said “We have a bit of problem, I am here at the Edmonton Expo Centre, one of our biggest flow through vaccine clinics on the Saturday afternoon and no one is here because we are not getting enough demand right now.”

“And that’s why Alberta today is announcing that we are launching the Open for Summer Vaccine Lottery with three $1 million prizes and a range of other exciting prizes that will be announced in the days to come,” Kenney said, adding that the first installment of the Open for Summer Lottery will be open to all Albertans aged 18 and over who get at least their first dose of vaccine within seven days of us hitting that critical 70% threshold for first dose of vaccines.

Keeney also added “Details will follow in the days to come about how you can enter online and the second and third million Dollar draws that will happen later on this summer together with a whole bunch of other exciting prizes.”

According to Kenney, the draw will be made on the day that Albertans hit at Phase 3 of Open for Summer Program to celebrate getting life back to normal.



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