Arrest of Belarusian journalist ‘outrageous, clear attack on democracy’: Trudeau


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the arrest of Belarusian journalist as ‘outrageous’ and ‘clear attack on democracy’, warning that Canada will examine further options against the Belarus regime.

Speaking during a press conference earlier today, Trudeau said “The behavior of the Belarus regime is outrageous, illegal and completely unacceptable. This was a clear attack on democracy and on the freedom of the press.”

Trudeau further added “We condemn it and call for his immediate release. We also condemn this kind of dangerous interference in civil aviation. Canada has existing sanctions in place against Belarus, and we’ll be examining further options.”

He also added that Canada strongly supports action from ‘all available international institutions, including the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and NATO.’

“We stand in solidarity with our partners in defending journalists all around the globe,” Trudeau said.

The Belarusian officials on Sunday arrested the 26-year-old journalist Roman Protasevich after forcing a Ryanair flight to land in its capital city of Minks.

The plane was heading to Lithuania from Greece when it was diverted by Belarusian officials who claimed there was a seurity threat.



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