Biden Administration plans to directly evacuate 2,500 Afghans to US


The US officials have confirmed that the Administration of President Joe Biden has planned to directly evacuate 2,500 Afghans to the United States. (Reuters Photo)

Three administration officials have told NBC News that around 10,000 other Afghans who have worked for the US government will be evacuated to third countries or military bases overseas where their visa and paperwork will be reviewed.

A State Department spokesperson and two US defense officials have told NBC News that about 2,500 whose visa applications have cleared security vetting will be eligible for evacuation directly to a U.S. military base in the U.S., along with their family members.

The State Department spokesperson has said “Shortly after they arrive, once the medical check-up requirement is complete, their immigration status will be adjusted so they can be eligible for refugee resettlement benefits that will help them and their families with the resettlement process.”

The spokesperson has further added that another 10,000 whose background checks are still pending will be flown to “a U.S. military base overseas or to third countries, where they will be safely housed until their immigration processing is complete.”

Meanwhile, two US defense officials have told NBC News that chartered civilian planes will be used to evacuate the 2,500 Afghans with the flights to begin within days.



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