Calgary City Council votes to extend the face covering Bylaw


The Calgary City Council on Monday voted to extend the face covering municipal bylaw into Stage 3 of the Open for Summer plan.

According to a statement released by Calgary City “While the Province’s reopening plan is anticipated to have limited provincial requirements for face coverings after Stage 3 (anticipated July 1, 2021), Council has voted to extend the municipal bylaw in the short term but will revisit the COVID-19 outlook again on July 5th to determine whether the bylaw will be repealed.”

Meanwhile, Sue Henry, Chief of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, said “We know that some people will find the removal of rules surrounding face coverings too soon, and for others it cannot come soon enough.”

Henry further added “However, extending mandatory face coverings for an additional short period of time will ensure we have time to see more people get fully vaccinated and also allow us to monitor any impact of summer re-openings.”

The statement by Calgary City also added that the City reminds all Calgarians that we are currently in Stage 2 of the Government of Alberta Open for Summer Plan. While this is an exciting step forward, public health orders are still in place and will continue to be enforced for the safety of all until the bylaw is repealed.

The City warned that failure to wear a face covering where required can result in a penalty of $500 and failure to display prescribed signage can result in a penalty of $200.



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