Calgary Police charge man in student loan fraud scheme


The Calgary Police announced Tuesday they have charged a man in connection with an elaborate student loan scheme.

According to a statement released by Calgary Police, the man, Dave Guylenz Mitchell Beauvais, 32, allegedly worked with another man who is currently wanted on warrants for defrauding the Alberta Student Aid office and several private post-secondary institutions in Calgary out of more than $240,000.

The statement further added the arrest was made following a lengthy investigation which ensued in October 2019, after a Peace Officer with the Advanced Education Special Investigations team under the provincial government contacted the Calgary Police Service when they noticed multiple inconsistencies with several student loan applications.

The investigation revealed that the scheme was run by two men between May 2017 and May 2020. It is believed they used the stolen identities and personal information of 21 unsuspecting individuals to fraudulently apply for student loans from the provincial government.

According to Calgary Police, Beauvais, has been charged with money laundering, fraud over $5,000, personation, possession of identity documents, uttering forged documents, possession of a controlled substance.

He will next appear in court on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, the Calgary Police said, adding that Kader Dahchi, 30, is wanted on warrants for one count of using a forged document and one count of identity fraud.

The two men allegedly stole the identities and personal information from citizens who were already the victims of other data breaches and mail thefts.

Once the suspects had the victims’ personal information, they would target a post-secondary institution and enroll as students using the stolen identities. They would then apply for student financial aid. Most of the loan applications were conducted online, resulting in loan approvals ranging from approximately $25,000 to $38,000 for each student personation.

The government deposited the funds directly into the bank accounts provided by the suspects posing as students during the loan process. The bank accounts were also opened fraudulently, using the same stolen identities and personal information.

The suspects would physically attend the school, posing as a student under a fraudulent identity, to satisfy the requirements for obtaining the loan payouts. To secure the second loan payout, the suspects would phone the Alberta Student Aid office posing as the applicable student and request a release of the remaining funds. The total payout for each loan was as high as $27,000.

The suspects would simultaneously attend various schools under a variety of fraudulent identities to perpetuate the scheme and maximize payouts.

In addition to receiving fraudulent student loans using the stolen identities, the suspects are believed to have also committed credit card and cheque fraud and obtained mail services fraudulently.



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