Calgary Police looking for help after discovering unidentified human remains


The Calgary Police announced Wedneaday they are looking for the public’s help to identify human remains that were found earlier this year in southeast Calgary.

Investigators have determined that the individual died of natural causes, however, have been unable to identify them, the Calgary Police said in a statement.

Thr statement further added “On Sunday, Aug. 22, 2021, police were called to the area of 50 Avenue S.E., and Ogden Road S.E., for a report that a body had been located under the overpass. At the time of discovery, the remains had decomposed significantly, and no identification was found.”

Since then, all traditional attempts to identify the remains, believed to be male, have been unsuccessful, the Calgary Police said, adding that based on the circumstances leading to the discovery and evidence recovered at the scene, we believe that the man was likely homeless.

The Calgary Police also added that three very unique rings were located on the man and we are releasing images of the rings in hopes that someone may recognize them. The first ring is oval-shaped with a large oval turquoise stone. The second is rectangular-shaped with three small diamonds inlaid on the face. The third is a dark braided band with a small white stone in the center. Photos of all three rings are available on The City of Calgary Newsroom.

“We know that there may be family and friends of this man who have been trying to find him,” said Staff Sergeant Martin Schiavetta of the CPS Homicide Unit. “The rings this man was found with are extremely distinct, and it’s likely there is someone out there who will recall seeing them and can help us find closure to this case.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact police by calling 403-266-1234.



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