Calgary Police rescue a trapped skunk during an ‘Unconventional’ operation, without getting sprayed


The Calgary Police rescued a trapped skunk during an operation dubbed ‘Unconventional Rescue’ as the organizations and pest control companies dealing with such situations were not reachable to help the Taradale homeowner in the dead of the night.

“In the early hours of Wednesday, Sept. 22, a Taradale homeowner noticed a skunk in a jarring situation. It was wandering around their backyard with what appeared to be a glass container stuck on its head!” the Calgary Police said in a statement.

The statement further added that homeowner called the Calgary Police after contacting a few organizations and pest control companies to no avail.

According to Calgary Police, Constables Smith and Parkinson took a few minutes to come up with a plan to save the skunk with getting sprayed, once they arrived at the scene, noticing that the skunk needed help.

“Clearly lost and confused, the skunk was trapped on he homeowner’s back deck, unable to get down the steps,” the Calgary Police said, adding that eventually the skunk was so exhausted, it just stayed in place as the officers approached.

Guided by their in-stinks, Cst. Parkinson held up a large blanket as Cst. Smith pulled the jar off the skunk’s head.

The Calgary Police also added that luckily the skunk didn’t spray after the jar came off, and instead, it looked at its rescuers with out a whiff of concern and wandered off the deck and back into the alley. “Nice work team! The Constables and skunk all certainly earned their stripes that night!”



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