Canada and NATO discuss Afghanistan crisis and resettlement of the Afghans


The Foreign Minister of Canada Marc Garneau and the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday discussed the crisis in Afghanistan, including the resettlement process of the Afghans.

In a statement posted online, Garneau said “We continue to work with partners to secure safe passage out of the country and to resettle Afghans.”

“Canada remains steadfast in its commitment to the Alliance,” he added.

This comes as Garneau on Monday informed about Canada’s intent to double its humanitarian resettlement commitment from 20,000 to 40,000.

Addressing the General Debate of the 76th United Nations General Assembly ‘In Our Hands’, Garneau said “Now, faced with a heart wrenching situation in Afghanistan Canadians have once again shown their openness to those who do not wish to live under Taliban rule but prefer to stand up for democracy, human rights and gender equality.”

Garneau further added “In fact, Canadians overwhelmingly called on us to do more. And in response to their generosity and welcoming spirit we have now committed to welcoming 40,000 Afghan refugees to Canada – so that they too can contribute to our success, while we continue to support their efforts for a more peaceful, tolerant world.”



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