Canada reacts to Kabul explosions, calling it awful attack in a ‘Hazara area’


Canada reacted to twin explosions which rocked west of Kabul city on Tuesday, calling it an awful attack in an area mostly inhabited by Hazara people, a minority ethnic group in Afghanistan.

“Canada offers its condolences to the loved ones of the victims of today’s awful attack in a Hazara area of Kabul, which killed several people and injured many others. We wish all those injured a speedy recovery. Canada stands with the Afghan people and condemns this attack,” Marc Garneau, Canada’s Foreign Minister said.

Hamid Roshan, a spokesperson for the Minister of Interior of Afghanistan confirmed that the first blast targeted a civilian bus close to the house of Mohammad Mohaqiq, a senior presidential advisor.

Roshan further added that the explosion killed at least 6 civilians and wounded 7 others.

He also added that another explosion took place shortly after the first blast, targeting a civilian bus, not far from the area where the initial explosion took place.

According to Roshan, the second explosion also inflicted casualties but the exact number is not known yet.



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