Canada steps up efforts to enable Canadarm3 to operate on the Lunar Gate


Canada has stepped up efforts to enable the Canadarm3 to operate on the Lunar Gateway in a bid to pave the way for its participation in humanity’s return to the moon.

François-Philippe Champagne, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada, announced Wednesday that Canada intends to enter into a contract with Brampton-based company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) to design, manufacture, test, and deliver robotics interfaces that will allow Canadarm3 to operate on the Lunar Gateway.

“Our government continues to support the development of advanced robotics tailored to a new chapter of lunar exploration. Canada’s significant contribution to the Lunar Gateway promises to spark innovative opportunities and important economic benefits for the country’s space sector,” Champagne said.

The Gateway External Robotics Interfaces are fixtures that will be installed on Lunar Gateway modules and on visiting vehicles for future deep-space missions, according to a statement released by Canadian Space Agency.

They will allow Canadarm3 to anchor itself and move around the Gateway, and to retrieve payloads delivered on logistics vehicles and reposition them on the station, the statement said, adding that the interfaces will also supply power and data connections to the robotic elements and any attached payloads.

Canada was the first country to join the United States on plans for the Lunar Gateway, the next major international collaboration in human space exploration. Japan and the European Space Agency have since finalized agreements with NASA to contribute various Gateway components, laying the foundation for continued peaceful collaboration among spacefaring nations.



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