Canada to welcome 40,000 Afghan refugees, says foreign minister Garneau


Canada’s Foreign Minister Marc Garneau announced Monday that the country has committed to welcome 40,000 Afghan refugees, responding to overwhelming calls by the Canadians to do more to resettle more Afghans who do not wish to live under the Taliban rule. (File Photo – Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada)

Garneau made the remarks during his speech at the General Debate of the 76th United Nations General Assembly ‘In Our Hands’.

“For our part, through dedicated asylum policies, Canada will also provide refuge for those who put themselves at personal risk by defending democracy and upholding human rights,” the foreign minister said while speaking about the refugee and humanitarian crises.

Garneau further added “Canadians are a welcoming people. When we saw the tragedy befalling the Syrian people, Canadians opened their hearts and their homes, bonding together to personally help people rebuild their lives. Where some see risk, we see opportunity.”

Pointing towards the successful resettlement of the Syrian refugees in Canadian communities, Garneau said “Syrians have built businesses, raised their children and become part of the fabric of our country – just as many other communities did before them.”

He also added “This is Canada’s competitive advantage. We welcome people in need, but also understand that their hard work, talents and cultures enrich us all. Many come to Canada to flee, and find a place in which they can not only build a new life, but from which to build a better world.”

Addressing the chaos in Afghanistan, Garneau said “Now, faced with a heart wrenching situation in Afghanistan Canadians have once again shown their openness to those who do not wish to live under Taliban rule but prefer to stand up for democracy, human rights and gender equality.”

“In fact, Canadians overwhelmingly called on us to do more. And in response to their generosity and welcoming spirit we have now committed to welcoming 40,000 Afghan refugees to Canada – so that they too can contribute to our success, while we continue to support their efforts for a more peaceful, tolerant world,” Garneau concluded.



  1. شیرین گل قاری زاده دوختری 25ساله از افغانستان هستم پدرم ومادر حیات نیست شرایط افغانستان هم قسمی شده به مه واری دوختریکه ده بخش پولیس وظیفه اجرا کرده باشد او هم مجرد باشد خیلی سخت است لطفا به کمک تان نیاز دارم منتظری همکاریتان هستم

  2. سلام زبیر استم ۳۰سال عمر دارم از افغانستان ولایت غزنی استم.من یک همجنس کرا استم زنده کی من دراینجا درخطر است لطفن به من کومک کنیدمرا کاناداه ببرید لطفن طالبان افرادی همجنس کرا راه شکنجه میکند .

  3. سلام ع من سیدمسعودسادات هستم ازکابل افغانستان هستم میخواهم به کانادا پناهنده شوم دراین جا در خطر هستم اطفال من بخاطر ادامه تحصیل خود تشویش دارند امید که پناهنده گی ما قبول گردد

  4. It is a good idai for who’s that want to let Afghanistan like me I am student of medicle university I don’t khnow what should I do for my future the condation is very crises so pls help us

  5. Iam Mohammad shafi Ibrahimi. I am student in the turkey but I don’t have any supporter because my father supported me now economic situation in Afghanistan is very very bad. I am moving towards an unknown future.

  6. چرا دروغ میگین اگر مهاجر افغان قبول میکرد پس کجاست تا حالی کی رفته شما مردم بیچاره ره بازی میتین

  7. Hi everyone
    I’m in afghanistan and i im a Civil society activist I wanna go to canada but i can’t finde the yaw please help me how can i get the way

  8. Hello Width of your service! Seyyed Fahim Mahmoudi. Synchronized that Afghanistan has been headed by the news of the world of news, which families live in Afghanistan. I must start with my own family, which lives in the province of Jawzjan district, under the hard time of the Taliban, according to the Father and Brad Now my mother is faced with a brother and a sister without supervisor and difficult economic problems. I ask you whatever you are urgent with the help of the family.

  9. Its really a humanitarian action that Canada has taken for those who actually need to have freedom.
    I am a person who is living in Afghanistan under Taliban’s rules. I cannot about what I want to say, cause I affair of Taliban and Taliban’s slaves…
    Day by day I lose my trust from the Islam

  10. Dear sir/ Madam
    As you better know that the Afghanistan situation going in worst side so we want to go to Canada
    For more details after your response

  11. sallam My name is sabora i am 20 years old i am live in kabul afghanistan with my family i am the younger children of my familly i have 4 sister and 2 brother and my parent my aunt and grandmother also live with us i request you to help us just not for food or being relax just for my sister and brother i dont want they be unknowledge plz help me and my family

  12. Hi, Name of Homeland, Salem Son, Afghan Army Officer I want to leave Afghanistan and immigrate to Canada. Please cooperate with me

  13. Hello, my name is Bismiullah. I am a mechanic and I worked with the previous government of Afghanistan and now I am under threat from the Taliban and I do not want to live under the Taliban government and I am asking you for asylum.

  14. Hello, my name is Bismiullah. I am a mechanic and I worked with the previous government of Afghanistan and now I am under threat from the Taliban and I do not want to live under the Taliban government and I am asking you for asylum.

  15. سلام من یک شروند افغانستان استم من در سر بازی بودم الی جان خودم و فامیلم در خطر است از شما خوهیش میکنم با من وفامیلم کمک کنید چرا در کشور ما نه کار است نه نان بر خوردن نه پول از لطفا بر ما کمک کنید

  16. Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan.

    My name is Muhibullah LODIN, an Afghan journalist. I was born on March 25, 1967 in Logar province of Afghanistan. I make this declaration in support of my application for asylum in Canada. My father’s name is Khan Mullah. I’m married to Bi Bi Nafisa LODIN. I have three sons, named Idris LODIN, Mansoor LODIN, and Belal LODIN. We have been living in Kabul since 2001.

    I’m a journalist, writer, and human rights defender. I have over 12 years regular experience in media activities, public relations, and public awareness.

    I think it would be difficult to anyone to leave home, but sometimes people get obliged to do so because of war, violence, persecution, and threat to their lives in home country. I also one of them. These days, my and my family members lives are highly under threat because of my media activities, and government job. I was several times threatened with death by Taliban and other opposite armed groups through various channels.

    As recently CANAD government announced 40,000 special immigration visa program for Afghans, especially journalists and HR activists. On August 15, Taliban took control over Kabul and across the country and they killed many journalists and human rights defenders recently. TB armed men threatened me with death if I do not leave Afghanistan, they will kill me. The immigration office of the CANAD is kindly requested to issue me an immigration visa for saving my and my family lives.

    If you need more information, please contact me through this email (, Mobile: (0093700674265) (0093730158845)

    • Salam alykom brother, this is not the right place to send your info, I think the application process has not even started yet, thus once it is started there should be official links through which you can apply.

      I’m just saying, for your own safety don’t post your background for the public.
      God bless you.

  17. سلام من یک شروند افغانستان استم من در سر بازی بودم الی جان خودم و فامیلم در خطر است از شما خوهیش میکنم با من وفامیلم کمک کنید چرا در کشور ما نه کار است نه نان بر خوردن نه پول از لطفا بر ما کمک کنید

  18. Name: HOMA
    S/N: Hamidi
    D/B: 17/2/1984
    National ID: 1399-0400-43663
    Position: Civil Engineer, civil society human rights
    Email :

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Homa Hamidi, i was finished high school in Ferdawsy high school located in 3th macrorayan Kabul Afghanistan in 2004.

    After finishing of high degree school and passing the entrance exam, I was got a high score and including to Kabul Polytechnic University as degree of Civil engineering.In addition to being a school student, i taught English in the course and charities for Afghan girl’s and women’s.

    I am a member of (Afghan Basketball National Federation) .

    And as an outstanding athletes and student of school i was able to participated in the 2004 ATHENS Olympic games in youth camps. while I was a university student I worked with Kabul Bank in the middle of the day and worked there for 4 years.

    After many difficulties that I had during my university lessons because i was the only girl in the faculty and class ,and in a traditional society it’s very hard to me، i was able to finish and complete a five-year University with all problems , I can defending my Diploma in 2010 from Polythecnic University of Afghanistan.

    After graduating from university i was able to work in various ministries and departments, such as the Ministry of Energy and Water as a civil engineer in
    ( MSU) project funded by World bank in 2011-2013 ,the Ministry of Public Works as an engineer.

    In 2017 i become a member of Afghanistan 3rd Trend .It was registered with the ministry of Justice – Afghanistan.

    I am an active member is civil society, and advocate for human rights of youth and women’s empowerment In the Complicated environment Of Afghanistan since 2017 . I was Defending of human rights of those afghan poor women that have not anything in thier life. And i appeared in civil activities and roundtable discussions on defending the values, norms and rights of Afghan youth and community members.

    After this activities, several times i was under threat by Taliban any many times i was threatened by Talibn, so After high risk and problems that i faced in Kabul i can leave Kabul and immigrated to Turkey
    in 2021 year with my family ( husband and 3 kids ).

    My family information my daughter Wich Named Yalda 8 years old, my son Mir Abdul Rahman 6 years, and Yosra 3 years,my husband Mir Abdul Tawab.And my mother and father, of whom I am the only daughter who relis on me both spiritually and materially i leave them alone in Kabul i can’t got Turkey visa for them please help and support me with my family i need your support that i can life with out war, bomb attack, kidnapped, and depression in UK with all my family , And I want to build a good future for my children and be able to raise my daughters, who are a vulnerable segment of Afghan society.

    I am waiting your support Please

    Sincerely Yours

    Homa Hamidi


  19. I am Mohammad Omid Khalili. I have two sons and a daughter. My house is near Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. I speak Persian. With the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, my family’s future life is in danger. Continue their studies My children’s future is unknown My eldest daughter is 20 years old My second son is 15 years old and my youngest son is 13 years old I do not want my children to have a bad future I want them to study and have a good life.

  20. کانادا بهترین کشور دنیا است ومن مطخواهم در این کش زنده گی ‌کنم از دست تروریستان طالب میخواهم فرار کنم

  21. Excellent and good. Thank you for this humanitarian action by Canada. Thanks to the world for always helping and cooperating with Afghans

  22. May I be an immigrant in Turkey and May’s father was martyred for 9 years in Afghanistan, and when May’s father was martyred in May I was 8 years old. There are 6 people in the family and there is a lot of enthusiasm from May for education. I studied until May 3rd grade. Ten Pakistani Stan Onji is also not working. I have applied for asylum in this country. I have applied for asylum with my family. I have applied for asylum with my family. And our lives are in danger because of who we are, our religion, who I am, because of us, I am a Hazara people.

  23. Re: Afghan ImmigrationAfghan Immigrant Name: Rahmatullah (Baburi) Date of birth: 28/04/1992 Email address: Phone number: 0093(0)780058200 Afghanistan national ID:508304 Job title or position: Journalist I have worked as a Reporter in Mehran Radio for 3 years, Bostan radio for one year, Civil Society Institutions Union for 3 years in Jawzjan Province and I have worked in Acted organization and Wadan Organization against the Taliban. Now that my country is in chaos and collapsed completely in the favor of Taliban. I found myself in a vulnerable state and I’m hidden in a safe place. Therefore, I humbly request the government of Canada for support. Your concerns toward civilians, in particular I am in contributive of Taliban in that reason I apply for government of Canada please support me in this regard.

    • Greetings Nikki Healy and Perzwine
      Rahmatullah Babri
      Journalist and community activist
      I have worked in various organizations
      I am a resident of Jawzjan province of Afghanistan
      Our country is completely under the control of the Taliban
      I have been restricted several times
      My life is in danger and I am hiding in a safe place
      Please support me

  24. My name is Hasibullah last name Saighani from Afghanistan, Bamyan province, Saighan district, from 2012to 2013at the National Democratic Institute for about a year and a half at the Workshop on the role of political parties in democracy On behalf of Party of Afghanistan and currently on the part of the
    Taliban, my life and my family are in danger

  25. Dear sir/madam
    We are deeply concerned about the situation we face that we have never assumed. The monster has turned our lives into a complete horror and fear. Taliban take over entire Kabul. Terror is everywhere and their circle is getting closer day by day, though we left our homes and all families. Now we cannot live with our families.
    This is to inform you that I am Nilofar ahmadi and my family have been living in Turkey my father worked as A police officer in ministry of interior and my brother also worked as A police officer in ministry of interior after taliban came to kabul and take control over all country they killed my brother and my father is gone and tell yet we don’t know about situation of my father.
    At the end we all want help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other happiness not by each other’s misery. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.
    We already appreciate your cooperation and support.

    Kind regards,
    Nilofar Ahmadi.

  26. My sister is one of Bamyan girl’s football team ,after talliban came to Afghanistan they leave Bamyan to kabul also they treated by talliban sevral times and the got CANADIAN visa but the are still in kabul ,can they leave Afghanistan by this visa?
    Thank you

  27. Hi dear … I worked 10yers at trad and i have shop at the Kabul before of talban we have god day after the talban get the Afghanistan day by day our life become bad I have too son one is six year or second is four year our life day by day becomes dangers and talban don’t let we go our shop he told don’t sold the cloths just I want from the Canada country to help us …….0093796266494

  28. Hi Canada …. I am Mohammad Hassan, I was one of those Afghan security forces. I have always tried to ensure the security of programs in the circles of democracy, human rights, people who were opposed to the implementation of the program and I supported the process with all my might, now with the advent of the Taliban regime, I can not live at home, I ask the Canadian government to provide me with a humanitarian visa.

  29. I really appreciate this program for dose Afghan people who are not want to leave under pressure of Taliban and I would like adding myself in this program but how I don’t know that please kindly let me know .

  30. I worked for 2 years in a private company of British coats. Later we worked for German coats for 6 years, but I have documents from Germany, I do not have them from the British, but no one accepts us. I am in a very bad situation. He wants you to help us

  31. Hello I am Khalid Haidari I graduated from health envarcity I have sartifect narsing and pharmacy and I learned to eayrs computer science I worked nursing inpaktia national hospital 3eayrs and 2eayrs pravit hospital I want to go to Canada

  32. سلام احمد بشیر رحیمی استم تقریباً یک ونیم پیش فورم مهاجرت کانادا را خانه پوری کردم اما تا هنوز هیچ پیامی و اطلاعی دریافت نکردم در داخل افغانستان به مشکلات و تهدید های مواجع استم وخودم وفامیل ام در خطر قرار داریم امید وارم کمک مان کنید که ازین مشکلات و تهدیدات رهایی یابم

  33. Hello sir/madam,my name is Aliahmad Haidrie. I living in Afghanistan Herat province Goolran village. I am married I have three children with (7-5-1year old)so there is no scientific college in my village for studetnts except religious school,so every boy have to participate in religious schools in the other hand I wish my children go to the scientific school to learning new education like (-enginiering ,physician,mathematics,computer science……) also my wife is a teacher in school by coming of Taliban in my village she looses her job in this case,I wish you to help me how to immigrate toCanada, thanks a lot

  34. Hi, I am Nazir Ahmad Hashimi. Journalist and news reporter in one of the Afghan media. Living in Afghanistan has become very dangerous for Afghan journalists. I want to seek refuge in Canada. I ask you to cooperate with me in this opportunity.

  35. Dear Sir/medum

    My name is Ahmad Faisal Askarzoi from Afghanistan. Currently, i am living in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am an Afghan civil activist having had served in Kabul and several provinces of Afghanistan. i had always speak up and defended from the women right, children right, elimination of violence’s against women and children in Afghanistan.
    Furthermore, i am a student of Kabul Internal University studying Bachelor of Economic, Eight semester i left my my university just because of the Taliban who are trying to find me in any possible way they can.

    The Canada Immigration Visa is a golden opportunity for me to save my life through your evacuation from Afghanistan.

    please help me and do not let the to hunt down me in Afghanistan.

    Kindest regards
    Ahmad Faisal Askarzoi
    Phone: 93766660556

  36. Abdul hafiz Prosecutor A.T.P.D. Previous Government Threatened by Taliban and Other Organized Crime Perpetrators Released by Taliban I Want to Take Refuge

  37. I am from Hazara tribe in Samangan province, Deh Suf district. I was born on October 9, 1979

    I graduated from Twelve in 1998 and received my bachelor’s degree in 2004.

    In 2007 I worked in the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan for 4 years and since 2011 I have been working in the Ministry of Public Health.

    During the three weeks of fierce fighting in Dara-e-Suf district, as I had close contact with a resident of Dara-e-Suf district, I provided the Afghan army with information about Taliban movements and attacks. From this document, the Taliban threatened me three times by phone before capturing Kabul. The person who threatened me is Maulvi Anis, the current governor of the Taliban in Bamyan.

    After the fall of Kabul, I hid in the house of an ethnic group.

    I hope that my family will cooperate with me. My wife and I have three children. An 11-year-old girl named Zeinab and two boys named Mustafa and Ali Sina are 8 and 4 years old.

    Hope that the US government and nation will help us save our lives with dignity.

    Mohammad Taher Rezaie, son of Haji Mohammad

    ID number 289811

    Passport number P02326044

    Date of birth 09 October 1979

    Contact numbers: 0093792184847 and 0093773947287

  38. Hi, I’m at the S/W. I was security Gard with a foreign office in Kabul . I’m was a student at the University of Engineering faculty at the time. I have immigrated to canada
    I’m now skilled Worker
    Now I’m civil Engineer
    Please Help me

  39. Hello sir, my name is Abul Hassan and I am 20 years old. My father was a police officer and he died. My brother was also a police officer, but with the establishment of the Taliban government, we all became unemployed and in the meantime we do not feel good. Do not forget your friendliness


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