Canada’s prominent businesses to help Afghan refugees get resettled


Several prominent Canadian businesses including airlines, supermarkets, hotels, and telecom companies have pledged support to Afghan refugees get resettled in the country. (Photo – Air Canada)

In a statement posted online, Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), said “As I’ve often said, welcoming Afghan refugees is a national project. It’s inspiring to see so many people stepping up – including Canada’s most prominent businesses – and I want to take a moment to recognize their incredible contributions.”

Mendicino further added Once refugees finish their quarantine, they move on the communities where they’ll make their new home – and Air Canada and West Jet
are helping them get there with domestic flights.

“Finding permanent housing can sometimes take a while, so Airbnb is offering to host 5,000 refugees at its properties while InnVest Hotels is providing temporary accommodation at its hotels,” Mendicino said, adding that GFSDelivers is providing meals both during quarantine and after, while Walmart Canada will donate 200,000 meals.

He also added that Amazon, Paramount Foods, and Walmart Canada have committed to hire newly arrived refugees, BGC Canada will offer programming at their nearly 800 clubs across Canada, and Canadian Tire is donating everything from puzzles to soccer balls, while Costco Canada is sending toys and snacks.

According to Mendicino, Rogers has waived charges for calls to Afghanistan and Uber Canada is helping refugees discover their new homes with vouchers for rides, while Period Purseng is donating feminine care products.

This comes as a new initiative, aimed at bringing the ongoing efforts to welcome the Afghan refugees was launched in Canada on Monday.

Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), tweeted “As more Afghan refugees arrive, Canadians are opening their homes and hearts. Now, these efforts will be united under one umbrella: Lifeline Afghanistan.”

Over 3,700 evacuees have arrived in Canada from Afghanistan as efforts are underway to bring in more people in the near future.



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