Canadian rover to land on the Moon within the next 5 years: CSA


The Canadian Space Agency announced Wednesday that a Canadian rover will land on the Moon within the next five year s as part of Canada’s Space Strategy to support the future of space exploration, space science and technology.

“As we plan for humanity’s return to the Moon, there is great potential for Canadian entrepreneurs and scientists to advance lunar science and technology. Canadians will play an important role in the highly competitive and innovative global supply chain of the expanding new space economy,” the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) said in a press release.

François-Philippe Champagne, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada today announced investments of $3 million in technology initiatives for lunar exploration through the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

“By investing in Canada’s vibrant space sector, we are giving Canadian entrepreneurs, creators, engineers, scientists and researchers the opportunity to advance science and technology, and be part of the growing global space economy. The results of these efforts will improve life for everyone, in space and on Earth. They will also put Canada at the forefront of space innovation while creating the good jobs of tomorrow,” Minister Champagne was quoted as saying.

He also added that Mission Control Space Services is receiving $3-million to test cutting-edge technology in lunar orbit and on the Moon’s surface, with a mission currently planned for 2022.

Two other Canadian companies, Canadensys Aerospace Corporation and NGC Aerospace Ltd. will also demonstrate advanced technologies during a lunar mission, Minister Champagne said.

Launched in 2019, Canada’s space strategy established space as a strategic national asset. It set out to position Canada’s space sector to seize the opportunities of the future, and thrive in Canada and abroad.

The Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program is providing $150 million over five years to help firms develop and demonstrate space technologies that will create new commercial opportunities in Canada linked to our participation in the Lunar Gateway mission, according to CSA.



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