Cathleen Cunningham, 35, charged for stabbing a woman with hypodermic needle in Vancouver


The authorities in B.C. have charged a woman with aggravated assault after she stabbed another woman with hypodermic needle in Downtown Eastside last month.

“BC Prosecution Service today approved one count of aggravated assault against Cathleen Cunningham, 35, in relation to the incident, which occurred near Abbott and West Pender streets on October 27,” the Vancouver Police said in a statement.

The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 27, as the 23-year-old victim was leaving a coffee shop near Main and East Pender streets.

Staff Sergeant Steve Addison of Vancouver Police had earlier said “All signs point to this being a random and unprovoked assault on a victim who did nothing wrong.”

Sgt. Addison further added “Investigators believe the woman may have been followed out of the coffee shop and confronted by the suspect, who then stabbed her with the dirty needle.”

The Vancouver Police also added that the 35-year-old suspect was known to police and she was released from custody after agreeing to attend court following her arrest.



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