Charges approved against the 22-year-old Metro Vancouver gangster


The Vancouver Police say the Metro Vancouver gangster, Ekene Anigbo, 22, has been charged with new firearm offences following his arrest in Richmond.

Constable Tania Visintin of Vancouver Police Department said “Anigbo is believed to be involved in the Lower Mainland gang conflict. In May, Anigbo was listed as one of the VPD’s ‘Top 6’ gang members who presented a risk to public safety.”

Ekene Anigbo was wanted BC-wide for multiple outstanding arrest warrants for breaching his probation and assault.

According to Vancouver Police, investigators from the VPD’s Organized Crime Section, working under Taskforce Threshold, located and arrested Anigbo in Richmond, on October 7.

“At the time of his arrest, Anigbo had a rifle, a handgun, and ammunition in his possession,” Constable Visintin said, adding that “Today, he has been was charged with four new firearms offences related to these weapons and he remains in jail pending his next court date.”

Taskforce Threshold was initiated by the Vancouver Police in May of 2021 in response to gang activity and escalating gang violence in Metro Vancouver, the Vancouver Police said.

It consolidates resources and expertise from the VPD’s Investigations and Operations Divisions to prevent gang violence by investigating incidents as they occur and proactively investigating persons involved in the gang conflict.



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