COVID-19 becomes woman’s savior in UK despite killing thousands across the globe


A woman in the United Kingdom survived a deadly heart condition after being diagnosed with the deadly (COVID-19) disease, it has been reported.

The life-threatening heart condition, which the 36-year old Angela Schlegel, was unaware of, came to light as she was being treated for the novel coronavirus in the hospital.

“It just blew my mind as I was told my heart was not functioning the way it should be,” Schlegel was quoted as saying in a report by BBC.

Ms Schlegel said she had been “going back and forward to the doctor with asthma” for two years but had “no idea my heart was in trouble.”

“If the EGPA was left undiagnosed I could have just dropped dead,” she said, adding that “Coronavirus was putting my body and my heart under a lot of stress and doctors said it had accelerated my EPGA.”

“It saved my life in the long term, but in the short term coronavirus did nearly kill me,” Schlegel added.

This comes as the novel coronavirus has killed hundreds of thousands of people across the globe during the recent months.



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