Deadline looms as over 2,000 Afghans wait to leave after winning US DV Lottery Visas


Over two thousand Afghans are waiting to leave Afghanistan after they won the U.S. DV Lottery Visas this year, it has been reported.

The DV Lottery Visa winners have until 30th of September to apply for the process to obtain their documents for immigration to the United States.

However, the recent upheavals in Afghanistan have made it nearly impossible for the winners of the DV Lottery Visas to process their work as Washington has prioritized the evacuation of its citizens from the country.

The DV Lottery Visa winners and their advocates are hopeless that the U.S. Government could meet the deadline to process their applications.

Rafael Ureña, a New York immigration attorney, has told the Los Angeles Times that the families will lose their spot in line if the government could not meet the deadline and schedule the interviews in time, unless there is a judicial order preserving their visas past that date.

“If [the State Department] wants to have the Afghans interviewed before the deadline, they would have to identify and schedule them for interviews immediately,” Ureña said.

This comes despite a ruling by a U.S. district judge on September 9th which emphasized on expedition of the process of the lottery winners by September 30.

Meanwhile, the State Department has said it has instructed the embassies and consulates to prioritize the process of this year’s DV visas.

The State Department has also acknowledged that it would be unlikely to issue the full allotment because of the pandemic.



  1. Hello i am Fakhrudin from afghanistan i want to come canada. I am civil engineer graduated from kazakhstan i know five languages.the problem is here i n Afghanistan. Taliban controlling our country i never want to work under the power of Taliban and they also do not
    Want to work with them. I want to leave my country. please help me !!


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