Distressing photos show Taliban’s brutality towards journalists in Afghan capital


The Taliban militants torured a number of journalists of a local media in the Afghan capital Kabul after arresting them during a rally in the city.

Zaki Daryabi, the Editor-in-Chief of Etilaat Roz, a local news outlet, posted the distressing photos of his reporters who were subjected to brutal beating and torture by Taliban.

In a statement posted online, Daryabi, said two his colleagues were brutally beaten by Taliban personnel in the 3rd Police District of Kabul city.

Daryabi further added that the two journalists are receiving treatment in the hospital and he is hopeful that they would recover soon.

Emphasizing that Etilaat Roz would continue to its work, Daryabi said the Taliban militants must prosecute the perpetrators.

According to Daryabi, the Taliban militants initially arrested four journalists of the news outlet during the rally and later arrested the fifth reporter.

The Taliban group has not commented regarding the brutal beating of the journalists so far.

Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesperson for the Taliban, later issued a statement, claiming that the residents of certain provinces, including Kabul launched the protests on orders of certain ‘mercenaries’.

Thousands of people rallied in the Afghan capital Kabul and other key cities, including Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat, after the leader of the National Resistance Front, Ahmad Massoud, called for a national uprising in response to Taliban’s invasion on Panjshir.

Calling the Taliban offensive a ‘foreign invasion, Massoud said in a voice message “Wherever you are, whether inside the country or outside, we appeal to you to rise up in resistance for the dignity, integrity, and freedom of our country! Whatever means at your disposal, rise up against a crippling humiliation brought on us today by foreigners!”

Massoud further added “We, the NRF, will stand firmly with you, our compatriots, whether it is those who took up arms and are in every valley of the Hindu Kush, in Panjshir and Andarab, and continue to fight. And whether it is our brave sisters in Herat nd Kabul who rose their voice in defense of justice. And whether it is our compatriots outside the country who, through protests, gave our struggle a voice.”

Meanwhile, reports emerging from Panjshir province, claim that the Taliban militants resorted to indiscriminate killing, torture, and beheading of the local residents of Panjshir after capturing certain parts of the province.



  1. Hi,,
    My name is Ajmal Omari a freelance journalist and photographer, in Afghanistan’ Northern zone.
    I have worked for American media while their special forces were in Afghanistan and further while they left the country for some other media based in America.
    I am stuck and need for rapid evaluation.
    Still we didn’t see any progress for the Visa which is stated in the report you published.
    They left us alone here while we are faced with high risks.
    Hope they hear our voices…


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