Dozens rally in Afghan capital as resistance leader call for national uprising


Dozens rallied in the Afghan capital Kabul and northern Mazar-e-Sharif city on Monday night, hours after Ahmad Massoud, the leader of National Resistance Front (NRF), called on Afghans to launch a national uprising amid fierce fighting ongoing in northern Panjshir province.

A video which has gone viral on social media shows dozens of residents of Kabul city rallying in support of National Resistance Front.

The rally participants are also heard chanting slogans against Pakistan as the National Resistance Front accuse the country of supporting the Taliban-led offensive in Panjshir.

Sources in Panjshir have confirmed that unidentified planes conducted airstrikes in Panjshir until the early hours of Tuesday. Reports regarding the airstrikes by unidentified planes emerged shortly after Pakistan’s spy chief Gen. Faiz Hameed arrived in Kabul.

This comes as Massoud had earlier posted a voice message online, urging the Afghan people to launch a national resistance as he called yesterday’s offensive on Panjshir a ‘foreign invasion’.

“Wherever you are, whether inside the country or outside, we appeal to you to rise up in resistance for the dignity, integrity, and freedom of our country! Whatever means at your disposal, rise up against a crippling humiliation brought on us today by foreigners!” Massoud said.

He also added “We, the NRF, will stand firmly with you, our compatriots, whether it is those who took up arms and are in every valley of the Hindu Kush, in Panjshir and Andarab, and continue to fight. And whether it is our brave sisters in Herat nd Kabul who rose their voice in defense of justice. And whether it is our compatriots outside the country who, through protests, gave our struggle a voice.”

Massoud posted the voice message after Taliban claimed that the militants of the group have overrun Panjshir province.

However, unconfirmed emerging from the province claim that the National Resistance Front fighters have recaptured the areas which had earlier fallen to Taliban militants.



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