Edmonton Police commend complainants for calmly handling a dangerous road rage case


The Edmonton Police commended two complainants for calmly handling a dangerous case of road rage while working with the police.

According to a statement released by Edmonton Police, the incident took place on July 24, on 91 Street in the area of 51 Avenue, when a male and female in a car noticed a male in a truck following very closely.

The statement further added when the car came to a stop at a light, the truck stopped so closely it almost collided with the rear of the car. The truck continued to drive in close proximity to the car, displaying extremely aggressive driving patterns, including trying to force it into the ditch.

The occupants of the car recorded the interaction with a phone, called 911, and began driving toward the nearest EPS station, the Edmonton Police said, adding that when the car came to a stop to make a turn, the driver of the truck exited the truck with a baseball bat and struck the car’s driver’s side window, yelling. The suspect then continued to follow the complainants until they neared the Southeast police station.

According to Edmonton police, the officers met the complainants in front of the station and reviewed the video evidence, including pictures of the suspect vehicle and the license plate. Police located the suspect and vehicle, including the baseball bat.

The Edmonton Police also added that the 34-year-old male driver was arrested and charged with dangerous driving, possession of an offensive weapon dangerous to public, intimidation and assault with a weapon.

“Officers commend the complainants for their handling of what was no doubt a terrifying situation, and encourage drivers who encounter dangerous road rage to call police immediately,” the Edmonton Police said.



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