Ex-Afghan defense minister’s son buys $21 million Beverly Hills mansion


The son of the former Afghan defense minister has spent nearly $21 million to buy a mansion in Beverly Hills in California, it has been reported.

Daoud Wardak, the younger son of Abdul Rahim Wardak, the former defense minister of Afghanistan, recently bought the Trousdale Estates property for a staggering $20.9 million.

Built all-new this year and designed by local architecture firm Woods + Dangaran, the nearly 9,000-square-foot house was described in an off-market listing as a fusion of “modern meets midcentury,” Yahoo News reported.

The 0.58-acre property last sold in 2016 for $9.5 million to the Woodbridge Group, a now-defunct Ponzi scheme; Woodbridge demolished the original house on the lot, and the new structure was sold to Wardak on behalf of Woodbridge’s bankruptcy proceedings by Viewpoint Collection, a premier developer of high-end Los Angeles homes.

Born in 1977, public records show Daoud is the president of AD Capital Group, based in Miami, Florida. However, the Wardaks reportedly made hundreds of millions of Dollars from U.S. government contracts in Afghanistan.

Reacting to the purchase of mansion by Daoud Wardak, Amber Smith, the co-founder of Help for Afghanistan, tweeted “His brother has secured lucrative US govt contracts in exchange for protecting American supply routes in Afghanistan; contracts were reportedly worth $360 million.”

Daoud’s father, Abdul Rahim Wardak, served as Afghanistan’s defense minister between 2004 and 2012. A former Mujahideen fighter, Wardak played a key role in setting up the Afghan National Army following the fall of Taliban regime in 2001.

However, the Afghan military collapsed without a fight in August despite the United States spent an estimated $85 billion over the past 20 years to train, equip, and pay the Afghan armed forces.



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