First group of Afghan parolees leave Fort McCoy base in Wisconsin


The first group of Afghan parolees flew from Wisconsin for their final destinations, an official at Fort McCoy, a military base in West Central Wisconsin said on Monday.

A military officer at Fort McCoy who did not want to be named in the report said that the process of taking guests out of this military base kicked off this morning with 30 families and individuals leaving the base.

The source also said that as those who have completed the immigration procedures inside the Fort McCoy leave, more parolees will be coming from Germany to get temporarily resettled here.

“A flight with 198 parolees will arrive in Wisconsin today to get settled in Fort McCoy”, the source said.

According to another source at Fort McCoy, there are 12,500 Afghan parolees in this military base, including SIV, P1 and P2 applicants, green card holders and permanent US residents who could not fly back home through commercial flights due to the collapse of Afghanistan capital city, Kabul on August 15, 2021.

A large number of parolees do not have any documents, they have just been lucky to get the chance of boarding into the US military planes from the Kabul airport, the source said.

The United States of America is currently hosting around 53,000 Afghans who fled the Taliban on U.S military flights.

The U.S government has issued a 2-year parole visa for every Afghan who entered into the United States through the evacuation program.

The parolees who do not have an asylum case yet, must submit their applications for asylum within the first year of their stay in the United States.

All parolee individuals and families will be provided with a case worker to help them both with their resettlement processes and their asylum cases.

This comes as the flee of Afghanistan’s former president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on August 15th helped Taliban’s Haqqani Network to take the total control of the Afghan capital Kabul, following which thousands of Afghans ran toward the Kabul airport to get out of the country for a safe life.



  1. Hello this is Atiqullah nabizada from Afghanistan I have a request to your government as you know now adays the taliban beseiged the Afghanistan provinces even Kabul where we live. A few months ago the taliban arrested my father then they killed him , my father was the employee of Afghanistan government in Air Force. After killing of my father My life is in danger I can’t live anyway in Afghanistan I can’t get my rights, I can’t go to college. I can’t get out of home because Kabul is not a secure place.If you give me this chance to come to your country it will be better to have a good life and I will work at there and get my rights. Afghanistan is not a secure place for living. Please help me and save my live. Even the taliban send me some letters that they tell me on that letter we will do the action that we did with your father! It is annoying me and I don’t feel comfort myself.

  2. Find the use of the term parolee offensive, but whole article is right wing hate Bull Shit. Sadly this is what greets any and all non whites coming to the USA.


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