Health Canada: 1 lot of Riva-Risperidone 0.25 mg tablets recalled due to a packaging error


The Health Canada announced Saturday that Laboratoire Riva Inc. is recalling one lot (lot C9323) of Riva-Risperidone 0.25 mg tablets due to a packaging error.

According to a statement released by Health Canada, some bottles may incorrectly contain only Riva-Gabapentin 100 mg capsules. Pharmacists may not recognize the error and inadvertently repackage and dispense pill bottles that contain the wrong medication.

Risperidone is a prescription drug used in adults to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders, as well as bipolar disorder. It may also be used for the short-term treatment of severe dementia related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Gabapentin is a prescription drug used for treating epilepsy (seizures), the Health Canada said, adding that if you miss a dose of Risperidone, you may not have proper control of your condition or its symptoms may worsen.

By taking Gabapentin instead of Risperidone, a patient may develop serious side effects, such as swelling of the legs, ankles or feet (edema), and experience side effects, such as agitation, drowsiness, dizziness, lack of muscle coordination and fatigue.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, contact your health care professional immediately, the Health Canada added.

Riva-Risperidone 0.25 mg tablets are yellowish-orange, oblong-shaped coated tablets, with “0.25” on one side and “R” on the other side. Riva-Gabapentin 100 mg capsules are white hard gelatin capsules, with “Gabapentin / 100 mg” printed on the capsule in blue ink.



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