High risk sex offender, posing significant risk to women, to reside in Vancouver: Police


The Vancouver Police announced Thursday that a high risk sex offender who poses a significant risk to women will reside in the city.

“Vancouver Police are warning the public that convicted sex offender, Skylar Wayne Pelletier, will be residing in Vancouver and poses a significant risk to women in the community,” the Vancouver Police said in a statement.

The statement further added that Pelletier is currently serving a 5-year Long Term Supervision Order for convictions of sexual assault, commit sex assault, break and enter and assault.

Pelletier is a 21-year-old Indigenous man, the Toronto Police said, adding that he is six feet two inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. He has a medium build, short black hair and brown eyes.

According to Toronto Police, Pelletier must comply with the certain conditions while residing in the community, including refraining from consumption, purchase or possession of alcohol, drugs, and other than prescribed medication.

Pelletier cannot associate with the victim or members of the victim’s family, associate with any person believed to be involved in criminal activity or substance misuse, and must report all contacts with females to his parole supervisor, the Vancouver Police added.

The Vancouver Police also added that Pelletier must reside at a Community Correctional Centre or a Community Residential Facility or other residential facility and will have a curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Anyone who witnesses Skylar Wayne Pelletier in violation of any of these conditions is asked to call 9-1-1, the Vancouver Police added.



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