‘I don’t want to die’, says singer Ginette Reno of Quebec after hospitalization


Singer Ginette Reno of Quebec has said she doesn’t want to die and has ‘much to accomplish’ after being hospitalized due to rare heart condition.

“Before anything else, I want to tell you that I don’t want to die. I still have so much to accomplish!” Reno said in a statement posted online.

She was admitted at Pierre-Boucher hospital on Thursday after fainting. “I’m writing you from my hospital room to reassure you and tell you that I’m in good and many hands.”

“Basically my heart had a power outage. I almost died,” Reno said, adding that she woke up to a new vision, a new understanding.

The singer was apparently pointing towards the rare heart condition which the doctors informed her about recently after she was admitted to hospital.

Meanwhile, Reno said she looks forward to appear in her next concert, ‘GINETTE sings RENO’, vowing that she would offer one of her future concerts in support of Pierre-Boucher hospital.



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