India seizes nearly 3 tonnes of Afghan heroin, worth $2.7 billion


The Indian authorities have claimed that they have seized nearly three tonnes of heroin imported from Afghanistan, having an estimated street value of $2.7 billion. (File Photo – Afghan opium/AFP/Getty Images)

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), the top anti-smuggling agency of India, reportedly seized the heroin from two containers at Mundra Port in the western state of Gujarat.

A local official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told the media outlets that the DRI officers seized the heroin during an operation which they conducted on 15th of September.

The official further added that the officers also arrested two people in connection with the smuggling of the heroin.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Revenue Agency (DRI), in a statement said the smugglers had placed nearly 2,000 kgs of heroin one container and around 1,000 kgs in the second.

The statement further added that two Indian nationals have been arrested in connection with the smuggling case.

This comes as Afghanistan is going through chaos following the takeover of the country by Taliban last month.

Afghanistan has long been considered as the largest producer of opium in the world with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) saying that the country’s opium harvest accounts for over 80 percent of opium supply in the world.



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