Israel insists on continued strikes as U.S. calls for significant de-escalation


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is ‘determined to carry on’ strikes on Gaza until ‘calm and security’ are restrored to Israeli citizens.

This comes as the U.S. President Joe Biden told Netanyahu that he expected a ‘significant de-escalation’ in the Gaza conflict.

Both the Israeli forces and Palestinian militants continue to exchange of fire despite ten days have passed since the conflict began ten days ago.

Meanwhile, latest reports suggest the militants fired four rockets from Lebanon into Isreal on Wednesday.

In response, Israel’s military fired artillery shells at a number of targets in Lebanese territory.

The strikes by Israel’s military has killed at least 227 people including more than 100 women and children, according to the health ministry of Palestine.

Menwhile, Israel’s medical service said at least 12 people including two children have been killed in the rocket attacks by Palestinian militants.



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