Italy grants citizenship to Afghanistan’s first woman chief prosecutor


Italy has granted citizenship to Maria Bashir, Afghanistan’s first woman chief prosecutor, nearly two months after she was evacuated from Afghanistan following.

Maria Bashir, 51, served as chief prosecutor in western Herat province of Afghanistan for almost 12 years, battling corruption, violence against women and child marriage.

She received an awarded from the State Department for her courageous efforts in 2011 and was listed among 100 most influential people by Time magazine the same year.

Italy’s Justice Minister Marta Cartabia, quoted in a report by AFP, said Italy, through giving her Italian nationality, wanted to show its “support to all the other Afghan women, who continue to fight for their freedom and rights at a high price”.

Approving the decision to grant Italian citizenship to Bashir late on Wednesday, the cabinet of Italy, hailed her cooperation with Italian authorities in Afghanistan.

Bashir had “worked closely with the Italian authorities while they were in (Afghanistan), contributing to reinforcing institutions and, more generally, the rule of law,” the Italian cabinet said.



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