Kim Jon Un’s death rumors scotched as latest evidence suggests he is still alive


The United States and South Korean intelligence services have scotched rumors regarding the death of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has died following a surgery.

Citing the U.S. and South Korean officials, the Washington Post reported that the latest evidence suggests that Kim is still as satellite images showed his train apparently traveled there in the past few days.

This comes as reports of Kim’s possible dmise have been swirling since he skipped celebrations for his grandfather’s birthday on April 15.

A South Korea media report said he had undergone a cardiovascular procedure on April 12 and was recuperating.

Meanwhile, a South Korean official who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Washington Post “We understand that Chairman Kim Jong Un has been in Wonsan this week.”

Another official said that Kim’s health is among the North’s most closely guarded secrets, but noted that neither government has evidence of his death.

This is not the first time that the North leader has been disappearing from public view.

He disappeared for three weeks between a Lunar New Year concert on Jan. 25 and another event at Kumsusan Palace of the Sun to mark his father’s birthday. He then retreated from the public eye for another 13 days before offering “guidance” for military training on Feb. 28, according Washington, citing the state media reports.



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