‘Lifeline Afghanistan’ initiative launched as more Afghan refugees arrive in Canada


A new initiative, aimed at bringing the ongoing efforts to welcome the Afghan refugees was launched in Canada on Monday. (IRCC Photo)

Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), tweeted “As more Afghan refugees arrive, Canadians are opening their homes and hearts. Now, these efforts will be united under one umbrella: Lifeline Afghanistan.”

Over 3,000 evacuees have arrived in Canada from Afghanistan as efforts are underway to bring in more people in the near future.

“Canada evacuated over 3,700 people from Afghanistan. More than 3,000 evacuees have now arrived in Canada, which includes more than 900 passengers who arrived on four flights since Sunday, August 29. We expect more to arrive here in the near future,” Mendicino said in a joint statement with Foreign Minister Marc Garneau, earlier this month.

The statement further added “Canadians have opened their homes and their hearts to Afghan refugees in 20 communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.”

“With a well‑established settlement network anchored across the country, more communities in other provinces and territories are also expected to welcome refugees in the days ahead and help them adjust to life in Canada,” the statement said.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada had earlier announced that applications for 6,550 people were approved under the special immigration measures as of early September and efforts are underway to process the remaining applications as quickly as possible.



  1. Dear sir/madam,

    I applied for Canada immigration and I didn’t received any message wither I am eligible or not, please help me how to move to Canada.
    I worked with Oxfam Novib applying Canadian funded project(CHAF) in Herat, Afghanistan.


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