Montana governor demands an halt to resettlement after Afghan evacuee charged with rape of a woman


The governor of Montana, Greg Gianfore, demaned an halt to resettlement of Afghan refugees, after an evacuee was charged with the rape of a woman.

According to a statement released by Governor Gianforte’s office, the evacuee, Zabiullah Muhmand, was arrested following a 911 call from the victim.

Governor Giantfore further added in his statement that while he welcomes “fully-vetted Afghan allies to Montana, this situation and others across the country raise serious concerns about whether the Biden administration is meeting its obligations to fully vet Afghans prior to resettlement.”

“I’m calling on President Biden to immediately halt resettlements to Montana until federal agencies provide me with adequate assurance that Afghans coming to Montana are fully-vetted in accordance with federal law,” he said.

Muhmand, 19, is now being held at the Missoula County Jail on charges of sexual intercourse without consent and the case is being investigated by detectives, Fox News reported.

Report regarding the alleged sexual assault in Montana emerges nearly a month after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched a probe into assault on a female soldier by a group of Afghan refugees in a military camp in New Mexico.

Earlier, the authorities in Wisconsin said they have arrested and charged two Afghan refugees with child sex and spousal abuse.

The prosecutors charged Baharullah Noori, 20, with three counts of attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor and one count of attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor using force.

The prosecutors also charged Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, with assaulting his wife by strangling and suffocating her.



  1. First, We are sorry for what happened, not because the perpetrator was an Afghan, but because it is an unforgivable crime against a human being. Second, I hope this does not lead to unnecessary judgment for all Afghans. The crime is a personal act and no one else should be punished for it.


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