Montreal Police arrest one of the suspects involved in the murder of a 75-year-old man


The Montreal Police announced Friday that they have arrested one of the suspects in connection with the murder of a 75-year-old man. (Photo – Montreal Police)

According to a statement released by Montreal Police, the investigators of the Major Crime Section arrested Akong Yves Fonbah during a raid on Thursday, September 23.

The statement further added that the investigators are working to identify the remaining suspects who were involved in the incident.

The incident took place on the night of September 12 in the vicinity of Lasalle borough after a group of people broke into the apartment of the 75-year-old man.

The suspects assaulted the man besides smashing several objects inside the apartment, the Montreal Police said, adding that victim died of the injuries he had sustained after he was transported to hospital.

The Montreal Police also added that anyone with information regarding the other suspects can contact the police at 514 393-1133.



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