New partnership to support 40,000 Afghan refugees Canada has committed to welcome


The Airbnb announced Monday it will partner with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society to help support some of the 40,000 Afghan refugees the Canadian government has committed to welcome over the coming months. (File Photo – IRCC)

Under the new partnership, Airbnb will offer free housing to resettlement agencies across the country.

Jennifer Bond, Board Member, Founder and Managing Director of the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub and Chair of the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI), said “Canadians have a long history of welcoming refugees from around the world. is proud to build on this tradition by partnering with Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, civil society actors across the country, and generous hosts to help welcome Afghan refugees,” said

Meanwhile, Fariborz Birjandian, Chief Executive Officer at CCIS, said “We are grateful for’s global leadership in this moment of crisis, which is providing invaluable support to our organization as we prepare to serve tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the months ahead. Through this partnership, we will be able to meet one of the most urgent needs of arriving individuals and families and focus our staff on helping our clients build their new lives.”

Over the coming weeks and months, will work with CCIS and Hosts on Airbnb to connect arriving Afghan newcomers across the country to temporary housing, according to a statement released by the company.

The statement further added since August, has worked with partners to place more than 2,000 Afghan refugees into temporary housing in communities where they will resettle.

In the past four years, and Airbnb have connected approximately 25,000 refugees around the world to temporary housing, the statement said, adding that Airbnb and have been working with Hosts across Canada to open their doors to refugees since 2017.

Earlier this year, announced the creation of the $25 million Refugee Fund, to further expand’s support of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.



  1. Hello
    Khushal Ashrafi from Afghanistan and one of the applicant of that Refugee process.
    Now we are still waiting for Extraction Process . Aman lara is voluntary organization in canada that organization support 1800 members accommodation three time bread from july 15 – 2021 . Now they announce we did not support you after 05 november 2021 .
    we kinly request from IRCC to move that process past .
    i was interpreter for Canadain Task force 2009 when the Taliban Come to my village first they burn my home now i am living in Kabul in hid pleace under Aman lara support .
    Waiting for Extraction .

  2. Hi sir I mi nematullah from Afghanistan nengrahar I have document i Work secrty organization nato I I’m not seve in Afghanistan I need help I want go from Afghanistan to Canada

  3. Hello, you are fine. Do not be tired. May I want to live in Canada for the rest of my life, because it is not possible to live in Afghanistan. Please accept me.

    • Hello, you are fine. Do not be tired. May I want to live in Canada for the rest of my life, because it is not possible to live in Afghanistan. Please accept me.


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