Ontario intends to lift capacity limits on high-risk settings including strip and sex clubs


Ontario plans to lift capacity limits on high-risk settings, including strip clubs, bathhouses, and sex clubs, as the province officially lifted capacity limits on certain indoor and outdoor settings on October 25 .

The Ontario Government on Monday released its plan to safely reopen Ontario and manage COVID-19 for the long-term.

Beginning October 25, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., capacity limits will be lifted in the vast majority of settings where proof of vaccination is required, including restaurants, bars, and other food or drink establishments, indoor areas of sports and recreational facilities such as gyms and where personal physical, fitness trainers provide instruction, casinos, bingo halls, and other gaming establishments, indoor meeting and event spaces, and Limits will also be lifted in certain outdoor settings.

The government will also allow other settings to lift capacity limits and physical distancing requirements if they choose to require proof of vaccination, including personal care services (such as barber shops, salons, body art), indoor areas of museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos, science centres, landmarks, historic sites, botanical gardens and similar attractions.

Indoor areas of amusement parks, indoor areas of fairs, rural exhibitions, festivals, indoor tour and guide services, boat tours, indoor areas of marinas and boating clubs, indoor clubhouses at outdoor recreational amenities, open house events provided by real estate agencies, and indoor areas of photography studios and services.

On November 15, 2021, the government intends to lift capacity limits in remaining higher-risk settings where proof of vaccination is required, food or drink establishments with dance facilities (such as night clubs, wedding receptions in meeting/event spaces where there is dancing), strip clubs, and bathhouses and sex clubs.



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