Ontario moving forward with the first-ever 2+1 highway pilot in North America


Ontario is moving forward with the first-ever 2+1 highway pilot in North America to help make our roads safer, the officials announced Tuesday.

Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation, said “We have heard resounding calls from local stakeholders to move this project forward, and we are delivering as part of our plan to build Ontario. Identifying potential pilot locations for further consideration is a big step forward, as our government continues to improve Ontario’s transportation network, helping people and goods get to where they need to go quickly and safely.”

The province has identified Highway 11 from Sand Dam Road to Ellesmere Road (14 kilometres) and Highway 11 from Highway 64 to Jumping Caribou Lake Road (16 kilometres) as the top two locations for the proposed 2+1 highway pilot.

Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and MPP for Nipissing, said “The 2+1 highway project is important for people and businesses across Northern Ontario who rely on our roads and highways every day to get where they need to go.”

Fedeli furher added that “This pilot project along Highway 11 will help address some of the unique transportation challenges experienced by remote communities, including First Nation communities, and will play an important part in strengthening economic growth and job creation in the North.”

A 2+1 highway is a three-lane highway with a centre passing lane that changes directions approximately every two to five kilometres, separated by a barrier.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Government, in a statement said the public and stakeholders can comment on the proposed 2+1 pilot locations on the Ministry of Transportation’s Technical Consultation Portal until January 11, 2022. The province will evaluate comments and announce the final 2+1 pilot locations to advance to preliminary design in January 2022.



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